How to Choose the Right Dog for You

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Having pets is great but it involves more than just playing with them five minutes a day when you are bored. Dogs especially require a lot of care, compared to cats for instance. If you are considering getting a dog, first think about certain factors that are truly significant so that your dog would be happy with you.


How to Choose a Dog

  • Dogs are great companions and influence our lives in a positive way, making us happier and more responsible. However, if you work a lot and cannot dedicate time to caring for a dog, then it might not be a best idea to get one.
  • In case you are busy a lot but you want to have a pet dog so much, then consider hiring someone to walk your dog. Also, think about which breed you would get. There are certain dog breeds that require less care than others.


  • Your way of life isn’t the only factor you should be taking into account. The environment in which you live is also important when getting a dog. If your living space is small getting a big dog, no matter how much you would like to have a particular large breed it’s just not going to be a good decision. Your dog may develop some health issues, or make your house a mess.
  • Different breeds require appropriate climate for them to be healthy and happy. Think about how your dog might be affected by the climate in your region. For instance, Husky naturally lives in colder climates and isn’t really happy in areas where it’s mostly hot throughout the year.
  • If you plan to get a puppy, bear in mind that it will need to be trained. You’ll need to teach the dog where it can relieve itself and also not to destroy your things. If you cannot train a puppy, adopt a dog that has already been house trained.
  • Most importantly, have fun with your dog. Take it out of the house and go for a run. Dogs love running and playing.

Thing to Consider Before Getting a Dog


  • You should remove all the important things as well as clothes and shoes out of your dog’s reach or it will damage them. It’s best to have plenty of toys for a puppy to chew, instead something expensive.
  • Keep all cleaning supplies and anything else that might be dangerous to your dog. They love to explore, so keep the chemicals away to avoid these kinds of issues.
  • Your dog needs to be neutered if you aren’t getting one that already has been. There are also necessary vaccinations and spraying against fleas, ticks and other insects. You’ll also need to bring it for regular check-ups.
  • You dog needs to have an appropriate leash. If the leash is not lengthy enough, or is too long, your dog might get hurt.
  • Also, if the particular dog breed you’re planning to get is considered potentially dangerous, you will need to put a harness when you’re walking a dog. The dog needs to be safe and so are other people and their dogs.
  • You should get health insurance for your pet. Visit a vet and talk about possible options.

October 27, 2016

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